How we Achieve this


Awareness raising workshops, talks and presentations bring adult attention to the many forms of grooming, how to recognise and spot signs and how children and young people can be vulnerable to exploitation by individual perpetrators and groups.

Training Professionals

Training for professionals enables an understanding of the complexities of child sexual and child criminal exploitation, the importance of language, the awareness of victim blaming, the value of contextual safeguarding and resources to support the child or young person.


Resources are available to support adults working with children and young people.

cse  context

Almost 19,000 children have been identified as sexual exploitation victims in England according to the National Crime Agency. (2021) 

The “Tackling child sexual abuse strategy” (Feb 2021) is the first of its kind outlining the Government’s vision for preventing, tackling, and responding to child sexual abuse in all its forms.

The strategy emphasises the need for everyone to play their part…

“across every part of Government, across all agencies, all sectors, charities, communities, technology companies and society more widely”.

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“Excellent, one of the best pieces of training I have completed in ages.”

Victim Support

“Karen’s teaching style was accessible and engaging. She was very up to date with current events which gave a richness to her session. Aside from this, she was very approachable, humorous, and considerate”.

Commissioner, Barking and Dagenham, London

“Enjoyed interacting with colleagues, the real-life examples and your style of delivery.”

MASH, Birmingham Children’s Trust

 “Karen was excellent in delivering this course”. 

Community Gateway Association

“Imperative information shared with practitioners, displaying vast knowledge   and experience.”

Principal Lecturer, Social Work, UCLan

“The resource pack is a great tool to have full of important information. Very impressed. Through both her training and the resource pack, Karen has provided a wealth of useful information”.

“I loved this training. Karen delivers it so well and I found her funny and engaging. She delivered a good balance of ‘classroom’ style content with a mixture of videos and power point whilst still allowing us plenty of opportunities for group interaction and discussion. I also liked the fact that she shared her stories and experiences with the group”.

“Very informative training that was delivered with young people at the focus and how we can learn to be more effective in our role. It was thought-provoking and up-to-date with powerful sharing of information”.

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