Child sexual exploitation awareness training Level 1 CPD Accredited

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Level 1 CPD Accredited

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This Level 1 Certificate in Child sexual exploitation awareness is a CPD Accredited course that is suitable for professionals and volunteers who want to gain an understanding of child sexual exploitation and safeguarding issues.

This 6-hour course is open to anyone who want to gain an understanding of child sexual exploitation, how it happens, the vulnerabilities of children and young people, the importance of safeguarding and how to report, how to recognise signs and indicators and how to prevent children and young people from becoming victims of exploitation and abuse.

Training is interactive, informative, and impactful.


One day or two sessions (3 hours x 2)


Minimum 10 – Maximum 30


  • Opportunity for participants to gain an Accredited CPD Certificate to add to their CV and enhance future job applications.
  • Provide an increased understanding of child sexual exploitation, safeguarding issues and reachable and critical moments.
  • Improved understanding of issues participants may face in their professional or community roles.
  • Improved Ofsted outcomes for the organisation by offering additional extracurricular training and professional development for participants.

The Government’s “Tackling child sexual abuse strategy” (Feb 2021) emphasises the need for everyone to play their part “…across all agencies, all sectors, charities, communities, technology companies and society more widely”.


  • 1. To understand the definition of child sexual exploitation.
  • 2. To be able to identify signs of child sexual abuse
  • 3. To be able to identify indicators of child sexual exploitation.
  • 4. Show an understanding of barriers to disclosure.
  • 5. Identify examples of “reachable” or “critical” moments.
  • 6. Understand the significance of reporting within safeguarding.


Each participant needs to have attended all of the training and completed a 6-question training workbook. On completion of the course each participant will receive a Child sexual exploitation awareness Level 1 Certificate, CPD Accredited and a Resource Pack.


“The tutor’s teaching style was accessible and engaging. She was very up to date with current events which gave a richness to her session. Aside from this, she was very approachable, humorous, and considerate”.

“It was a good overview of Child sexual exploitation – very interactive, which made it more enjoyable. I came away feeling more confident in my skills around Child sexual exploitation awareness”.

“Excellent training and would fully recommend”.

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