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Training & awareness in Child sexual exploitation


Child criminal exploitation.

 Summary Report 2022 – 2023

Child sexual exploitation and child criminal exploitation are forms of abuse and both present serious growing issues and connectivity in the UK and across the world. These forms of abuse can have lasting and profound impact on the lives of children and young people and can lead to serious consequences such as trauma, drug addiction, mental health problems, relationship difficulties, criminal involvement and sometimes fatalities. 

No Whispers Community Interest Company aims to inform, educate, and empower adults, professionals, and volunteers, about child sexual exploitation and child criminal exploitation to prevent children and young people from becoming victims of exploitation and abuse.


A range of Training in child sexual exploitation and child criminal exploitation and County lines was delivered including:

  • Child sexual exploitation awareness training Level 1 CPD Accredited Course.
CSE awareness CPD level 1 training leaflet

Working in partnership with UCLan – University of Central Lancashire, No Whispers CIC designed the Child sexual exploitation awareness training Level 1 CPD Accredited Course.

This course was delivered to UCLan students on the Youth and Community degree Course and offered as an independent CPD training opportunity for professionals and volunteers both online and face to face.

  • Child criminal exploitation and County lines delivered to youth and community groups, volunteers, and parents as part of work funded by Progress Housing.
  • Child sexual exploitation awareness training Level 2 delivered to specialist workers from Physis Residential home.
  • Child sexual exploitation awareness training delivered via Eventbrite.
  • Contextual Safeguarding and Child sexual exploitation awareness delivered to Let’s Grow Preston and Strive2Thrive
  • Child sexual exploitation awareness training delivered to professionals and volunteers and funded by Progress Housing.
  • Child sexual exploitation awareness training delivered to Boat House Youth organisation in Blackpool.


Presentations, talks and information stalls at:

  • Community Volunteering Service – Blackburn
  • UCLan Connecting Communities Day
  • UCLan Congress Day
  • UCLan Community Volunteers and Community Leadership
  • Business before Breakfast networking meeting
  • Preston Pride
  • South Ribble Together
  • Progress Housing Cultural event
  • Release into Victory Celebration event
  • Women in Business Network Lancashire
  • Radio Lancashire interview for National Child Exploitation awareness day
  • SELENT- Social Enterprise Business Expo event
  • No Whispers CIC Birthday event and community network
No Whispers Directors with Mayor of Preston and Mayor of South Ribble

No Whispers CIC Directors Megan Harper-Bates, Karen Livesey and Jackie Williams with Cllr and Mayor of Preston Neil Darby and Cllr and Mayor of South Ribble David Howarth.


Consultation and meetings with Senior Lectures from Social work and Youth and Community studies led to a variety of opportunities to engage with community members, organisations, professionals, and volunteers. Further discussions led to the creation of the Child sexual exploitation awareness training Level 1 CPD Accredited Certificate that No Whispers CIC delivered to UCLan students but also to a wider cohort of professionals and volunteers.

Consultation regarding the work of No Whispers CIC led to sponsorship and funding support from Watson Ramsbottom Solicitors.

Consultation and discussions with Progress Housing led to two successful applications for funding which resulted in two training projects in Child sexual exploitation and County lines which reached people across South Ribble and Fylde Districts of Lancashire.


John O'Brien & Karen Livesey at Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation Conference 2022

John O’Brien and Karen Livesey

John O’Brien from the IICSA – Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse presented the summary report and recommendations at the Inside Government National Child Sexual Exploitation Conference. 

On hearing about the work of No Whispers CIC, John commented on the importance of the work and training and advised No Whispers to “keep going”. 

The significance of this report and the key themes continue to motivate No Whispers CIC to deliver training to prevent children and young people from becoming victims of exploitation and abuse.



No Whispers CIC marketing items were designed and created for promotional events and distributed to individuals participating on training events. The items served a dual purpose, to raise the profile of No Whispers CIC and to thank people for engaging and attending as part of customer care business gift. Items included, information handouts, promotional leaflets, pens, keyrings, T-shirts, Tote bags and printed copies of a Child sexual exploitation Resource pack.


In 2022 No Whispers CIC was nominated and short listed for three categories.


  • SELNET Awards – nominated & shortlisted in the top 4 for New Start up Business.
  • SELNET Awards – Karen Livesey – nominated & shortlisted in the top 4 for Lancashire Social Enterprise Champion
  • Lancashire Awards – Karen Livesey – nominated and shortlisted in the top 4 for Pride of Lancashire.


Training sessions offer an immediate impact for people who absorb the knowledge and understanding they have gained which can be empowering, educational and life changing. People have commented how they realise they have been groomed or they understand better how children and young people who have been exploited and abused will behave differently due to traumatic experiences.

Training will impact on the children, young people, families, and colleagues a worker interacts with and will enable opportunities to raise awareness through discussions, real life stories, videos, and resources. People gain a deeper understanding of the connectivity of the different forms of abuse and the significance of dynamic policies and procedures regarding Safeguarding.

People have benefitted in the following ways.

  • Understand how child sexual exploitation and child criminal exploitation occurs.
  • Be able to recognise indicators and signs of abuse.
  • Have a clearer understanding of Safeguarding and their duty of care.
  • Know how and where to report abuse and exploitation.
  • Gain confidence and know how to interact with children and young people.
  • Disrupt exploitation and reduce the number of children becoming victims.
  • Gain understanding of the dangers children and young people face on the internet.
  • Do the right thing and “never do nothing” (Lord Laming’s Report 2009)
  • Gain confidence in taking responsibility and action within their own community.



“The training had a professional impact on the organisation, ensuring that all staff and key volunteers have a greater understanding of safeguarding. In particular, “never do nothing”.

What you have actually done for me has not simply provided me with a training programme that will enable the charity and myself to safeguard staff, volunteers, and visitors, but you have given me the confidence to challenge authorities and the greatest gift that you have bestowed upon me is the realisation that it wasn’t my fault.

Thank you, Karen, you have enhanced my life so much”.



No Whispers Community Interest Company began in 2021 but was inactive for the first year due to the impact of Covid. In the second year there were sales just under 2k. In the third year there were sales of 7k. Additional funding was gained from Knights of St. Columba and sponsorship from Watson Ramsbottom Solicitors.

A key outcome this year was to deliver a wide range of training and workshops in addition to raising the profile of No Whispers CIC through diverse community activities, networking opportunities, business Expo events and social media.


MEMBERSHIPNo Whispers CIC is a member of


  • AoCPP – Association of Child Protection Professionals
  • Federation of Small Businesses
  • Safeguarding Network
  • SELNET – Social Enterprise Lancashire Network
  • Spring North
  • CSA – Child Sexual Abuse National research
  • NWG – Networking group for Child sexual exploitation
  • UCLan SME Business networking
  • Pink Link Women in Business
  • Preston Community Network
  • Preston Community Safety Partnership


“The combination of film and speaking was great.  Best training I’ve been on for years”.

“It was an enlightening day; I feel more confident about talking about this difficult topic”.

“Definitely would recommend. Interesting, extremely valuable”.

No Whispers Directors

NO Whispers CIC Directors

Karen Livesey, Jackie Williams, and Megan Harper-Bates

Community Interest Company no. 12489454

07713 129242